11th March 2021

A really helpful quality on our healing journey seems to be curiosity.

When we start to become curious about how we operate, and about how we have come to protect our precious vulnerability (usually starting when we were very young), real transformation becomes possible.

In becoming curious, I notice that I am less judgemental of myself and more willing to look, really look, at what may be contributing to my suffering. This is not always easy, and it is the work of self-love.

23rd February 2021

The Present Moment is Your Timeless Home.

1st February 2021

Those thoughts in your head that seem to judge you: See that they are thoughts.

To See that a thought is a thought, and not the Truth of what You Are, is freedom.

29th January 2021

I can ‘try to be present’. Or I can notice that I always already Am.

23rd January 2021

‘Failure’, ‘unworthy’, ‘not good enough’, or even ‘special’, ‘different’, ‘successful’.

These are words that we can innocently identify with, and depending on what we believe, we may either feel pleasure or great suffering.

But what we Are cannot fit into a word. You are so much vaster than that. You are the Vastness in which these words appear and disappear in. The Aware Presence that remains when all stories fall away.

Yes, we can identify with all sorts of labels and play many roles, and this is the beauty and creativity of Life. But ultimately You are undefinable.

And Free.

15th December 2020

Tiruvannamalai, India, 2011