The Approach

It would be reductive to call her “therapist”. Deborah has been my spiritual guide. I loved her approach and the instruments she used, it wasn't simply a therapy, but more an awakening, a shower of awareness, a new attitude to life.


Deborah’s greatest joy is to invite you to notice the freedom at the heart of all struggle. This liberation, this Awareness, is not dependent on circumstances. It is our nature, and the real source of wellbeing.

When Awareness is realized, what we call ‘our problems’ begin to be experienced in a new light and true transformation can take place.

In a session, Deborah also utilizes her experience as a therapist to recognize the specific beliefs and patterns of conditioning that seem to keep us stuck in unwanted situations, and that lead to emotional suffering and relationship conflict. She works intuitively, tailoring each session to your unique needs.

As she guides you to see through and release these often unrecognized patterns, they begin to disappear, and the experience returns to being one of joy, connection and creativity.

Who is it for

Sessions are for anyone who resonates with this approach. Maybe you have tried psychotherapy before and are now open to a different path, one that honours spirituality as well as our very human vulnerability.


Deborah offers Skype sessions.

Regular weekly sessions are not necessarily part of this experience. The number of meetings can be agreed upon depending on your needs and on what resonates for you.

A meeting with Deborah lasts for one hour.

Deborah offers meetings in English or Italian.

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I'll meet you there.